The Best Shower Sandals Review

Wearing the best shower sandals is important when you go to gym or swimming pool all the time. Shower sandal is kind of footwear you want to use to protect your feet from bacteria from the floor. It is not only useful to keep you safe and comfortable, but also allows you to be safe from getting slipped on the slippery floor. This is why a lot of footwear manufacturers produce this kind of sandal. They want to make sure that their customers get as cozy as possible, even during the bath time. Here are some of the best products of shower sandal to buy.

Best shower sandals for men

Showaflops Men’s Antimicrobial Sandals

Showaflops Antimicrobial is a great shower sandal that should be owned by those who want to stay safe. The sandal is made from high quality materials; in this case it is the blend between EVA and imported rubber. The sandal is designed with slip on model and the strap is completely adjustable. It can be adjusted with the size of the feet to make it as fit as possible to the feet. There are two amazing features to make the sandal worth buying, according to some people.

The first feature is its antimicrobial layer, and the second one is its drainage holes. The sandal is indeed completed by foot bed made out of antimicrobial layer to prevent bacteria, fungus, and other bad stuff to infect your feet. Places like gym floor, pool sides, and the bare soil outdoor can be invested in bacteria and you do not want to walk on them bare feet. The next feature is its drainage holes. The foot bed is completed with small holes to let water oozing easily from the foot bed, making it dries quickly. The holes are not obviously noticeable, though, because the design is very sporty and conceal all the holes.

Under Armour Locker III Sandal

Under Armour Locker III is a slip on shower sandal that everyone should own. Seen from the design alone, everyone can tell that this sandal is designed to be strong, sturdy, and long lasting. It has bulky design but still elegant at the same time. The sandal is made out of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate that makes the product keep comfortable to be worn, even after a long time. The rubber sole of this product keep the sandal from making you slip and fall on top of the watery surface during bath time.

The quick drying feature of the sandal allows the wearer to feel as comfortable as possible because water won’t be dripping out of the footwear. The foot bed of the sandal is specially designed to resist water as well, making it non-slippery and easy to wear all the time. The Under Amour product provides you with four different color choices. There is black and silver color, midnight navy color, black and metallic silver color, and red and silver color. They all look stunning and perfect to be worn on any occasions, including at parties on the poolside or at outdoor gathering.

Quiksilver Molokai Sandal

Quiksilver Molokai is a shower sandal for those who do not want to wear the slip on model. Sometimes, wearing flip flop is more comfortable and safer. The sandal can be gripped with the toes and provide stronger feel. This flip flop product from Quicksilver is surely one of the best footwear you can wear during shower time. It has high quality synthetic sole. The sandal is also 100% man made. It makes the footwear sturdier and can last for a long time. The design of the flip flop is very simple. It has rubber thong strap that is very flexible and easy to adjust. The foot bed is textured to keep you comfortable during the time you wear the sandal.

The textured foot bed also provides extra non-slip feature to the footwear. It won’t make you slip and fall during the time you get wet by the bathwater. The footwear is also giving you a chance to look as amazing as possible because it is available in four different color choices: black, blue, grey, and white. This is why the sandal is also great to be worn on the beach or in any outdoor activity, especially the ones involving a lot of active movements as well as style, including barbecue party and everything else.

Vertico Shower and Poolside Sandal

Vertico Poolside is a slip on sandal designed specifically to be worn during shower. The sandal has a lot of great features, including anti-slip and anti-bacteria feature. The footwear is made entirely out of rubber. The rubber is the high-quality one to produce fluffy and airy feel when the sandal is being worn. The sole of the Vertico footwear is a synthetic one, with strong grip underneath to keep the wearer safe even when walking or standing on slippery surface. The sandal has full protection against bacteria due to its thick sole. It is impossible for you to get anything bad from the bacteria-infected floor when the sandal is in use.

The sandal is completed by footbridge strap that can be used to keep the footwear in place even when the wearer moves actively. The insoles are comfortable, fluffy, and airy. Even so, they are completely durable and certainly long lasting. It can be worn for a long time. The sole has thin memory foam material to keep the sandal comfortable for quite sometimes. Basically, when you are purchasing and wearing this Vertico shower sandal, you won’t regret it at all. The sandal is like the best ones of its kind.

Adidas Adissage SC Sandal

Adidas Adissage is shower footwear with numerous amazing features. Many people love this sandal because it is a product of Adidas, one of the world’s best apparel and footwear manufacturers. Even so, the sandal is indeed completed by a lot of features to make it comfortable and easy to wear. The first and most important feature of the sandal is its synthetic sole. The sole is 100% delightful to war, ant-slip, and lightweight. Besides of that, the sandal is also well-designed.

The bandage upper on the sandal is completed by some loops and hooks as well to allow the wearer to adjust the sandal to their feet. It can make the sandal as comfortable as possible with that custom fit. The foot bed of this Adidas product is also extra-soft and has water resistant feature. It remains light and fluffy during shower time. The outsole of the sandal is using EVA technology. The footwear also has odor control feature and quick dry feature. It allows the product to dry as soon as possible after being worn and prevent unpleasant smell. This is why this Adidas product is worn all the time, even by professional athletes after training or after a match.

Kaiback Simple Shower Sandal

Kaiback Simple is one of the best footwear you can use during shower time. It has all the features you need to stay safe and comfortable while showering. The sandal has rubber sole made by high-quality material. The sole is strong and sturdy to keep you stand still even in slippery surface. The rubber sole is combined with vented foot bridge to give extra comfort and extra sturdiness on the sandal. This is why when you are wearing this Kaiback product; you won’t feel like wearing anything at all. It is light and incredibly comfortable to wear.

The sandal is also blessed with slip resistant feature. It secures your safety during the shower time, even when the bathroom floor is full of soapy water. You won’t get hurt as long as you wear the sandal. The simple design of the product provides great comfort to be worn all the time, even beyond shower time. The best feature of this sandal is probably its quick drying feature. It makes the footwear get dried as soon as possible. You won’t come out of the bathroom with soaking-wet sandals dripping with water everywhere. This is basically why this Kaiback Simple Slide Sport Shower Sandal should be considered to be worn all the time during shower.

Best shower sandals for women

Sunville Women’s Casual Beach Sandal

Enjoying the beach and playing around the water can be so great when you have Sunville Casual Beach flip flops. Flip flops always become nice sandals to wear for outdoor activity. In this case, these recommended sandals are not only good in term of its function. However, these provide great quality of material and nice design that will not make you regret for choosing the flip flops. These factors make the sandals as your perfect choice to enjoy the beauty of beach. You can do various fun activities with sand and water.

In fact, the material and design become special parts of these sandals. In term of material, it uses strong and durable synthetic material. They provide good elasticity, so these can be comfortable to wear although the grounds have lots of stones. Although the sandals are durable and elastic, these are also comfy to wear since they are lightweight. In term of design, it looks simple, but the color looks very sweet. Combination of purple and white makes the sandals look nice and cheerful, so they are great to wear in many occasions. There are patterns on the surface of sandals that will give comfort since the patterns give light massage on the feet. They are also to make sure these sandals will not be slippery. With the details of benefits, surely Sunville Casual Beach are highly recommended.

Crocs Women’s Kadee II Sandal

Sleek design and feminine look are enough to put Crocs Kadee II as women’s choice for sandals. Flip on mode makes a simple usage when you are in need for quick shower. Moreover, the design is simple with open toe section to protect your feet from dust and moist clogged. You do not have to clean them often since the sandals are free from bacterial including fungus. Another feature is high resistant to water, especially if you are in wet or damp area for longer period. The material is synthetic with top quality assurance. Moreover, it is lightweight that you can wear without much hassle. Your feet are easy to move around anywhere.

You can wear this product for indoor or outdoor area. Beach, bathroom, home, garden, shower box, and anywhere are the places you can go with this crocs in your feet. It is odorless; even when your feet have sweat, it will dry quickly. For cleaning, soap and water are enough to get rid of any dirt, sand, mud, and stains. The compact design is good choice to bring it anywhere. You may put it inside backpack then ready to do vacation. This product is available in several sizes. Check your size before buying Crocs Kadee II and make sure to get the right one.

Vertico Slide-on

Women need the best shower slippers and Vertico Slide-on is the best answer. At home, you do not have to worry when entering bathroom and shower box. On contrary, public bath and gym pool is a place where everyone enters. There is a chance for bacteria and fungus, even virus to be in the floor. If you step there without sandals, they may infect your foot directly. This situation needs to handle immediately. That’s why you should pick slide-on sandal from Vertico. The product is specifically for indoor and outdoor pool. Your feet will feel comfortable and fresh because the design uses ventilation feature.

The material is synthetic and strong traction at sole. It protects your feet from slippery when you step in wet floor. You will be safe and secure in any place. Another feature is fast drying. Having wet sandal may lead to the next problem when you stay in pool for longer period. This product will be in dry mode faster. You do not need to feel itchy because your feet are in wet condition for longer period. The sandals are suitable for daily usage especially if you do travelling. Moreover, the compact design and size makes sure to fit inside the bag. Well, you can go anywhere while still keeping the freshness in your feet by wearing Vertico Slide-on.

Matari Bathroom Slide-on Slippers

Comfortable and high quality is what you get from Matari Bathroom Slippers. You can wear them in bathroom, shower area, gym, pool, public bath, or just at home. The material is high quality that comes from PVC. Besides, it uses PE sole and anti-slip traction. This is the product that you need to have at home. Most slippers have dull and less attractive design. That’s not what you see from this product. The product is available in several colors, such as pink, red, green, blue, grey, and purple. You can pick the one that you like the most. When wearing it, your feet will feel comfortable, while also keep the style in check. You do not have to be shy when wearing shower’s slippers around public pool.

This product is capable to withstand moisture, wet, heat, and any water. You do not have to worry when wearing it for longer period. The design and technology is specifically to protect your from bacterial and fungus. Water and moist will not clog in your feet as they can go away easily. This is the most essential function that this product has. Besides, you can clean these slippers easily and dry them quickly for the next usage. Well, manufacturer produces Matari Bathroom Slippers in several sizes, and you just need to choose the one that fits your feet.

Vertico Women’s Shower Sandal

If you do not want fungus in your feet, the right solution is by wearing Vertico Women’s Shower sandal. This product is specifically designed to be comfortable and high endurance. You might do traveling and stay in hotel. There is a chance that the sower floor is not what it seems. You cannot take risk for having bacteria and fungus in your feet. Using shower sandals is the right choice and you need to bring yours. Vertico is also suitable for poolside or gym pool where everyone can easily step into swimming pool. Another function is for public bath to protect your steps.

This product uses high quality material from rubber and has synthetic sole. Its rubber is capable to withstand the deep wet, moisture, and heat. At below part, there is solid traction. This is the most important part when buying sandals for shower. You need to check the traction area at bottom. You do not have to worry about slippery anymore when this product is in your feet. Another feature is vented foot bridge. Based on the design, these sandals adopt technology to let the water flow easily. Your feet do not hold the moisture that prevents them having fungus. Moreover, the design is compact and easy to put inside the bag. You can carry Vertico Women’s Shower anywhere without much hassle.


All of those sandals mentioned above are surely great. However, you can further examine them and choose the one you think fit you the most. Make sure you know exactly what makes you feel comfortable during bath time, whether it is slip on sandal or flip flop one. Also, make sure you know your material preference for footwear as well as the consideration on the prices. All of the best shower sandals above are worth to buy for sure.

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