The Best Shower Curtains review

Shower curtain has several functions, such as for protection, partition, and decoration. You can use it to keep the tub from outside view. It is privacy function related to the protection. The most common function is to make sure no water is spilling easily. When you enjoy bathing in tub, there is a chance to splash the water then the bathroom becomes wet. As partition, the curtain is good choice to separate between one spot and another like the shower area. Based on the functions and purposes, you need to pick the best shower curtains. Which one is the best for your bathroom? Well, some curtains are listed at the following sections for your reference.

Y HOME Fabric Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Best shower curtain for clawfoot tub

Your tub needs the reliable curtain shower, and the best choice is Y HOME Fabric Clawfoot Tub. This product has plain color with diamond pattern. The curtain has size that’s enough to cover the entire tub. It is not only for clawfoot tub, but it also reliable enough for other kinds of tubs. Moreover, you may use it for bathroom protection and separator between shower box and the next spot. The material is high-grade polyester with strong water repellent. The design is easy to line up to keep the moisture and water in check, so you do not have to worry when splashing too much water. In fact, soaking is impossible as it is easy to wipe and dry quickly.

At the top, this curtain has metal grommets that are capable to keep the curtain in check. You can adjust curtain based on hook when covering bathtub. Reinforced header is resilient to water, moist, and heat. It is not easy to turn into depraved after long period of utilization. For cleaning, you do not have to worry about this thing. Wiping is simple way to make sure no stain and water are in curtain. If you need full cleaning mode, the curtain is reliable enough to be inside the washing machine. Those are capabilities you can obtain in Y HOME Fabric Clawfoot Tub.

Biscaynebay Fabric Shower Curtain

Best water resistant fabric shower curtain

High quality shower curtain is what you get when buying Biscaynebay Fabric. Manufacturer uses high-grade polyester with heavyweight line up mode. You can install it in bathroom, tub, shower box, even outdoor area. Water and moisture are the common issues in bathroom. You need curtain that’s capable to withstand both. This product uses material with water repellant to protect from direct splashing. Besides, it is highly resistant to moisture and heat. The material does not absorb water easily. On the other side, the curtain will dry easily with simple wiping. This is capability that shower curtain should have.

In order to install properly, you need hooks to attach directly on the curtain head. This product uses reinforced metal to create grommets. You do not have to worry when using bathroom every day. The curtain head still looks exactly as it should be for the next year. Reinforced metal is rust resistant that’s capable to withstand high-density moisture. You can install it with any hooks from different vendors at all. One good thing about this curtain is many options for colors and patterns. Besides plain and simple, manufacturer offers attractive pattern to boost bathroom decoration. The examples of Biscaynebay Fabric styles are black, white, ivory, burgundy, taupe, milky blue, and charcoal.

MAYTEX Norwich Water Repellant Shower Curtain

Best washable shower curtain

Bathroom needs high quality curtain, and this is where MAYTEX Norwich comes into the right choice. The product is specifically developed to protect bathroom floor and tub from dispersing too much water. The curtain uses high durability polyester that’s capable to repel water. When its surface has water, you can dry and wipe it easily. Furthermore, the material is durable to withstand moisture and heat. Another feature is weighted to line closer. You can slide and glide this one easily while still in proper place. Even though the curtain disperses after forcing water, you will see it to be in exact place again without moving anywhere. It helps to control your privacy when using bathroom, bathtub, and shower box.

Manufacturer produces curtain in several models. You can choose white color, dark tone, or charcoal. Check the product at store for availability, especially the premium models. Furthermore, the curtain has top buttonhole that compatible to any rings and hooks. You can buy the curtain, hooks, and rings separately from different vendors then put them together in one piece. Of course, the curtain itself is from MAYTEX. The cleaning is simple and easy. You just put the curtain into washing machine. Those are the capability and features of MAYTEX Norwich.

Aimjerry Hotel Quality Shower Curtain

Best patterned shower curtain

The top curtain is capable to resist water and this is what you obtain from Aimjerry White Striped. You may want to decorate bathroom or shower box with high quality curtain. Several vendors produce many designs with varied quality. However, only Aimjerry understands what you need the most. The curtain uses high material that’s capable to deal with water, moist, heat, and humidity. You do not need to worry because the curtain cannot absorb water. You just need to rinse and wipe it immediately to clean. Besides, the material is washable that’s safe when you use washing machine.

The design is simple with stripped pattern. Moreover, you can order the one with plain color, mostly in white. At the top part, reinforced holes are available for any hook. You do not have to worry when having this curtain in tight position. The hooks are ready in separated package, and customers can use their own which already installed at home. Besides for bathroom, the curtain is also reliable for sauna or the room with high humidity. In fact, you can use it for normal curtain installed in window. Water repellent feature comes in handy during wind, rain, and snow situation. Well, Aimjerry White Striped is available in nearby store, or you can purchase it from online marketplace.

Mrs Awesome Water-Repellent Fabric Shower

Best shower curtain with pockets

If you need curtain for bathroom, Mrs Awesome Fabric Shower is the best one to pick. The product is designed with many features and supports to enhance its capability. At first glance, it looks like ordinary curtain with plain white color. Moreover, there is no scent, which mean odorless to keep the curtain in check. The features are water repellent, rust resistant, strong metal grommet, and easy hanging. Water repellent is the most important feature in bathroom curtain. You surely need curtain to be clean and fresh while the water is in its surface. This product is capable to repel water due to high-density polyester.

Moreover, the curtain has metal grommets with rust resistant. In bathroom or shower box, moisture makes metal to be rusted easily. However, this curtain uses specific metal coating to prevent such matter. In fact, grommets are designed to adjust with any hooks. You can install the curtain easily. In addition, it is washable and easy to clean. Manufacturer also adds mesh pocket for additional support. In bathroom, you can keep small things and protected from water. The product is available in various sizes, such as the small, tall, medium, and extra tall. Each has different length and width, but the same material and capability. You can choose Mrs Awesome Fabric Shower based on what you need.

AmazonBasics Linen Style Shower Curtain

Best fabric shower curtain

If you look for the best fabric curtain, the answer is AmazonBasics Linen. The product uses linen as material. This shower curtain is flexible to install in any spot, especially for indoor. With grommets at the top, you just put hanger and hooks. It is foldable and can line up perfectly. The curtain is capable to contain water from the tub to prevent spilling. Besides the tub, you may consider to put partition in bathroom. This curtain comes in handy for such job. In that case, try more than one curtain in too wide area in order to adjust it properly.

The curtain has unique pattern printed directly on fabric. The bathroom decoration becomes more reliable with them. Each pattern represents unique style to elevate bathroom atmosphere. It is not just regular plain white curtain. You are free to pick which curtain for your bathroom. The cleaning is also simple by just wiping directly on the curtain surface. If you want to do full laundry, remove the curtain from its hanger then put into washing machine. The material is durable that cannot be depraved easily. Those are the benefits for having shower curtain from AmazonBasics.

AmazonBasics Tropical Shower Curtain

Best tropical shower curtain

AmazonBasics Tropical creates tropical atmosphere in your bathroom. Shower curtain is usually plain with no pattern. That’s not what you see in this product. Manufacturer uses printed pattern on the curtain surface. It is available in several patterns and varied colors. For nature style, blue and green are the most suitable ones. Of course, you are free to try other patterns. Besides tropical style, several patterns are available with unique and attractive design. You just buy based on the bathroom style you want.

The design looks attractive along with good quality. The material is polyester with high durability and capability. It can protect the tub from spilling excess water to other side. You can install it in bathroom as the curtain for shower box, shower area, tub, and partition room. If you need more privacy, try this curtain to wrap around your personal space. The curtain is for indoor, although it is still reliable for outdoor usage. Besides water repellent, it has ring holes on top for hanging. You can add the hook then put the curtain easily. The rings are flexible to adjust with any hanger model. Of course, you can buy separately for such purpose. The next feature is washable in washing machine. You don’t have to worry when cleaning this product.

Sunlit Alphabet Fabric Shower Curtain for Kids

Best shower curtain for kids

Parents should choose Sunlit Alphabet Kids for bathroom curtain. In general, there is not much difference between regular shower curtain for adult and kids regarding the material and features. This product uses polyester that’s safe for children. The curtain is capable to repel water and keep it in the right spot. Furthermore, you can install curtain with hanger next to the tub. Another feature is easy to wash in washing machine. The material protects from soaking, and simple damp cloth is enough for minor spilling. Those are the features that curtain kids must have.

One distinct feature is Alphabet pattern printed on that curtain. Parents have reasons to keep their kids in check. Those alphabets and numbers will help them learning. Besides, other patterns are available, such as unicorn rainbow, house, map, dog, cat, plane, triangle, and turtles. You can change the curtains once a week to boost the atmosphere. In that case, it is best to purchase more than one product. This curtain is definitely alternative for children in order to do learning. As long as they are enjoyable, parents may improve the other aspect in bathroom. That’s what you obtain from this product ultimately. Of course, the price is affordable as well.

AmazonBasics Shower Curtain

Best striped shower curtain

One of the best curtains for bathroom is AmazonBasics Shower. At first glance, the design is attractive with printed pattern. It helps to boost bathroom decoration to look stylish. If you concern about aesthetic side, this curtain is the right choice. Fancy design is not enough without capability. In order to boost the features, manufacturer uses polyester as material. For your information, polyester is known as the best water repellent. You can install it next to the tub and no water will reach far from what curtain located. The protection is another priority when installing shower curtain.

To hang the curtain properly, grommets are attached as ring holes and capable to attach in any hooks. You can install it easily with top security. Ring holes are reinforced by metal with antirust coating. In bathroom, moist and wet make metal easily deteriorated. That’s not issue any more when having this curtain. You can install and keep the curtain for longer period. Moreover, the grommets are durable for long period usage. For cleaning, just wipe it with clean cloth. Further cleaning is reliable with washing machine.

Amazer Shower Curtain

Best heavy duty shower curtain

For your information, most of hotels use the best product for bathroom, and Amazer Shower Curtain is what commonly you find there. This curtain has many features. At first, you can check the material that relies on polyester. It is not plastic that’s easily depraved. Polyester is durable and resistant to water. In bathroom, moist and heat makes the curtain deteriorate. However, you will see that situation when installing product from Amazer. The curtain is designed with water repellent material. It keeps the water in check and prevents it to pass into opposite spot. Therefore, Amazer curtain is suitable for shower box, bathtub, or outdoor room.

The curtain is rigid yet easily to fold. It can hang perfectly around the tub in proper hook. The grommets or holes are reinforced metal that’s capable to protect from rust. As you know, rust is common when metal is in high moist environment. However, you will not see any rust when having this curtain. The installation is simple and easy. Customers may use any curtain hook or hanger, even from different vendor. As the best heavy-duty curtain, it will handle many tasks to protect the tub. When you see the curtain has dirt or stain, the cleaning is simple and easy. You just release it from hook then clean it in washing machine.

Liba PEVA Antimicrobial

Best rated and least expensive shower curtain

If you need shower curtain, one of the best choice is Liba PEVA Antimicrobial. This product is specifically developed to fulfill the demand of high quality curtain in bathroom. People use curtain for several reasons when installing in bathroom. Shower box needs to cover from direct view. Curtain is the best and reliable choice, especially the product from Liba. Another common function is for tub in order to protect from splashing and spilling water too much in any spot. Liba curtain can keep the next spot as dry as possible. This curtain uses high-density polyester that’s capable to repel water and prevent soaking easily. As the result, the bathroom is clean and you just need to wipe the curtain if you need to dry it faster.

Another feature is antimicrobial. Bathroom, especially tub, is a place with high moisture and heat. You can do cleaning in bathroom to make sure your body feels fresh and no bacterial at all. To fulfill such purpose, this curtain is capable to keep any pathogen and bacterial out of your way. You don’t have to worry when installing it in bathroom for children. The product uses reinforced hook or grommet at the top. You just put it on the hook then the installation is done. Liba provides warranty for this product to support customers.


Well, each curtain has similarities and differences. They uses polyester as the key material that’s known as the best to repel water and moist. This is the core feature that shower curtain must have. You don’t want the curtain to be easily soak and wet, right? With water repellent, the curtain can protect the tub perfectly. The rest of features include easy cleaning, reinforced grommets, line up mode, and easy installation. If you want attractive curtain, try the product with printed pattern. Besides providing the basic function, the best shower water filters will come in handy for decoration. That’s what you should know about these products.

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