The Best Sewing Machines Reviews

Sewing is a great skill to cultivate. It is a very useful skill to have since you can make the perfect clothes on your own just how you like it. The skill can bring you plenty of money too. In the past, people only required needles and thread to sew their clothes. Thanks to the development of technology nowadays we know the best sewing machines with sophisticated modern features. The machines are not just there to help you finishing your work faster than ever. They also aid you in making the best sewn results with consistent stitches and gorgeous stitching models.

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Best coverstitch sewing machine

Brother 2340CV

If you need the best sewing machine, and Brother 2340CV is the top choice to obtain. Several features are installed to ensure users can do many jobs. One machine will handle almost everything. The first feature is called advanced Serger. You may have idea to do something that different from common stitching. How do you try to apply? Only few machines can adjust with unique threading mode, this machine has Serger with capability to create different style. You just need to set, and the machine is ready to go. Besides, color-code threading ensures you to mix and match the color properly. This advanced feature is the reason why you have to pick this machine.

The next feature is looper-threading system that’s capable to control the speed and loop. Brother gives this product capability to deliver up to 1100 stitches per minute. With that number, you may finish many projects on time and still capable to handle more after the previous one is done. With looper system, you can control how much stitch and loop style. This feature goes side by side with adjustable dial. You can choose the length for stitches in order to be in sewing properly. To support the capability, Brother provides accessories that you can install automatically. Brother 2340CV also comes with warranty as customer support.

Best serger sewing machine

Juki MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

One machine for several purposes is what you see from Juki MO654DE. This product has the basic function to do sewing, stitching, quilting, and any others. You might be a upcoming designer and have idea to implement. In order to complete such idea, you need right sewing machine. That’s why this product becomes top choice. The design is compact that’s easy to put in any place as long as the surface is stable and no much leaning. The features are advanced to support what users want when doing sewing. One reason to choose this product is high speed stitching. You will get machine with capability to deliver up to 1500 stitches per minutes. That’s something to consider especially if you are prominent designers with huge order in list.

The features include breakaway looper, color threading, thread serging, safety switch, multipurpose foot, and adjustment for differential feed. Color threading makes sure you combine the threads properly when you need more than single color in stitched line. Multi-purpose foot has adjustment mode to suit what material you put while sewing. This product also has safety measure using switch to protect from unknown process. Those features are available in this product. Furthermore, Juki gives support and warranty for customers who buy Juki MO654DE.

Best longarm sewing machine for quilting

Brother PQ1500SL High-Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine

Having many orders is not issue any more because Brother PQ1500SL is the solution. This machine is capable to deliver fasting quilting and sewing simultaneously. Moreover, the products have advanced features to support stitching, sewing, making buttonhole, even specific threading you try to imitate. The features include presser food, extension table, feed dog adjuster, and advanced needle system. The presser foot is adjustable based on what material you will do for sewing. With automatic mode, the machine makes sure the sewing and stitching is in proper mode. If you need more space, the extension table will extend presser area. Needle configuration is advanced that brings more reliable, faster, and efficient work.

The next features are quick bobbin and automatic cutter, the latter is useful when you need to cut the thread in certain position. As it mentioned above, this machine is faster to deliver sewing mode. Based on the manual, you can do sewing up to 1500 stitched per minute. That’s very impressive number if you compare with other products from different manufacturer. You do not have to worry when the machine starts sewing because you can control how much the presser, time, and amount of stitching. Moreover, Brother provides warranty more than 20-year. That’s solid proof to show capability of Brother PQ1500SL.

Best sewing machine for quilting

Brother XR3774 Full-Featured Quilting Machine

If you are still new to sewing, Brother XR3774 might be your best bet to learn and try moving forward with your skills. This sewing machine has versatility that is rarely found in the market. With this compact size tool, you are not only able to finish regular sewing projects. This sewing machine also allows quilting. It is due to the cool mechanism built within this simple looking machine. There are 37 stitches programmed into the system. You have choices to use regular stitches or even the decorative ones to apply on your projects. In order to do that, you do not need to do anything other than turning a simple dial.

When you purchase this sewing machine, you will get a large table too. This table allows you to work on big project easily since there is more room to work with. There is a free arm that enables seamstress to sew pant legs and cuffs easier. Within the box, you will get eight different sewing feet that have varied functions. One of them is for quilting. The maximum speed for stitching with this machine is 800 stitches in a minute. That is more than enough for you to finish big projects. There is absolutely no reason for you not to fall in love with Brother XR3774.

Best leather sewing machine

Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

If you want to create sewing project, the right tool is Singer 4423. The design, feature, and functions are capable to fulfill what you need the most. At first, it has compact size that’s easy to install as long as you have the right desk. It is ready with several stitch options, such as the basic, buttonhole, decorative, and stretch. You may choose from 23 options. Regardless your project, those stitches are enough to do fashion, crafts quilts, and home decor. Moreover, you can apply many creative sewing with combination between one and another. This is your way to deliver the best project and product to customers.

Another benefit is the strong motor than can pierce up to 60% better than other competitors. You do not need to worry when handling the thick and solid material. Sharp and strong piercing will handle the rest. You may have busy projects and order but want to finish it as fast as possible. This machine is solution for fast sewing capacity. Based on specification, Singer ensures this product is capable to handle stitching up to 1,100 per minutes. That’s big number and impressive capability. To support customers, some accessories are available in order to boost the capability of Singer 4423.

Best heavy-duty sewing machine

Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine

Singer produces several sewing machines, and one of them is §inger 4432. This product is specifically for medium to large project that you can have. You might be designer and want to create new project. For sample, the best sewing and stitch are necessary. That’s where this product comes into the right place and time. The features are 32 options for built-in stitches. You can choose many styles, such as basic, decorative, and unique thing to show your own sewing style. Besides, the machine has one-step stitch for buttonhole. With this feature, you do not need to do many things just for adding button. Everything is done in simple step. The foot is available in many variants based on what stitch you will do.

The design is quite compact that’s easy to install in any spot as long as there is enough space for sewing. The machine uses energy from electricity but relative high efficiency. For performance, you can do stitching up to 1100 stitches per minutes. That’s impressive record for compact machine. Other features include needle threader, drop-in bobbin, and presser feet. The latter consists of four options. You can choose all-purpose foot, buttonhole, zipper, and button sewing. The product has warranty up to 25 years for sewing head. Those are the reasons why you should choose Singer 4432.

Best portable sewing machine

Singer Simple 3232 Sewing Machine

Sewing becomes enjoyable activity with Singer 3232. This product is compact and portable sewing machine by Singer. As you know, Singer is the top manufacturer and vendor in this industry. For this specific model, the design is relatively small, so you can bring it anywhere easily. The basic features are built-in stitches, needle threader, built-in buttonhole, and metal frame. For stitches, you can choose up to 32 styles from simple to complex one. Each will fulfill your need for the stitch preference. After the basic sewing is done, the clothes will have buttonhole and this machine gives automatic stitched for that purpose. Needle threader is in automatic mode for easy control.

This machine has high capability for speed and capacity. You can lift the presser foot at higher position to be more comfortable. For sewing speed, the base capacity is approximately 720 stitches per minutes. That’s impressive number for compact tool. You can work in any layer as long as the machine is capable to do its work properly. Another feature is reversed sewing. This process is automatic in order to reinforce your layer. After one direction is done, the machine will do sewing in reverse position. Those features are what you get in Singer 3232.

Best sewing machine with screen

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine

If you aspire to be designer, Singer 9960 is the first starting point. Furthermore, this machine is also reliable for experienced designers or anyone who want to explore stitching. Several features put this tool as the top choice. Users may select several patterns from the basic to complex thing that they cannot do in regular machine. Moreover, the capability is not just for clothing but also expanded to crafting, quilting, and home decor. With 600 options for pattern, you will not run out of idea for new item to produce. Another feature is buttonhole style. Choose the design you want to add in clothes then do one-step for decorative buttonhole sewing.

The design is compact with bobbin loads. While sewing, you can check the threads and reload them before completely depleted. If normal board is not enough, extension table will give extending sewing. You just expand and continue to do your task. Based on manual, sewing capability is up to 850 stitches per minute. The product also has several accessories to support your task. You can choose presser feet to adjust with your sewing style. This machine uses electricity as power source. Energy consumption is efficient and you can work for longer period. Purchasing package include guideline and manual to know Singer 9960 specs comprehensively.

Best computerized sewing and quilting machine

Brother Computerized Sewing And Quilting Machine

If you are a seamstress who takes interest in quilting as well, this Brother quilting machine will suit you perfectly. The quilting function is to its regular sewing function. Although as a sewing machine it is already a spectacular tool, the quilting ability definitely takes this machine to the next level. If you want to make quilt using this unit, you can definitely attach the quilting work table for bigger work surface. There is a special footing setup that is designed to help you quilting easier. It has more springy action so the result of your quilting work will be so breathtaking.

Seamstress can also do free motion quilting job with this tool as well due to its flexible design. This sewing and quilting unit is computerized as well. It is equipped with 130 built in stitching models that are not just for functionality. There are stitches that are for decorative purpose as well. When you are applying those to your quilting job, you will get the most fantastic result. In addition to quilting foot, this machine has variety as foot settings as well. Despite its features packed body, this sewing and quilting unit is highly portable. What else are you waiting for? Get your own Brother XR9550PRW unit now.

Best computerized sewing machine

Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR9550PRW

Brother XR9550PRW is without doubt the sewing machine that you are going to need if you are an avid seamstress who takes your project seriously. Its computerized system is packed with so many different features that are going to make your work a lot easier and sophisticated at the same time. First of all, you will be able to find 110 different stitches installed within its system. This catalogue is definitely enough to realize most of your dresses and shirts. Those stitches are not for utility functions. You will be able to find some decorative ones that can help you make nice embroidery.

In addition to the database is also equipped with eight different buttonhole models. As you know, creating buttonhole can be tricky. However, this sewing machine allows you to create it seamlessly in just one step. You will not find a hard time when trying to set up your threads as many other machines. This particular sewing machine also ensures you a great experience when doing your project as it has a sturdy frame. The work table is also large enough so that you can work with big size fabrics with no issues at all. For serious seamstress, Brother XR9550PRW is the greatest option.

Best sewing machine for buttonholes

Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW Computerized Sewing Machine with Wide Table

If you are looking for home sewing machine that delivers high quality result, Brother CE7070PRW is your best bet. Although this sewing machine is designed for home use, the quality of stitches it yields is very consistent and can be compared to couture products. There are 70 types of stitching techniques programmed into this computerized tool. You can even find difficult stitching models such as scallop and zipper within its database. Thanks to its vast database, this sewing machine is capable of handling many kinds of fabrics, from cotton to stretchy materials. There are also seven buttonhole model options in its database if you need it.

Despite being equipped with such complicated digital system, this sewing machine is still easy to work with. It is equipped with user-friendly LCD screen and buttons that you can use to program your desired stitching or buttonhole model. There is also a chart that depicts all 70 stitching models programmed into your machine. Threading in this sewing machine is also easy. You only need few minutes before you are ready to tackle another sewing job. A large working table is provided with the machine to give you plenty of room to work. This machine must be connected with 120 Volt AC source. The Brother CE7070PRW is the perfect sewing machine for avid tailor.

Best basic computerized sewing machine

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine

Brother CS5055PRW is another sewing machine option that is highly recommended by avid seamstresses to those who would like to broaden their sewing portfolios. Even if this machine does not look like high tech sewing machine, it is capable of delivering amazing stitch quality that is consistent. The result will definitely look like professional made and even runway ready. There are 50 stitch designs that are built in the system. You also get five buttonhole styles to choose that can be customized to match you needs. This machine can reach about 850 stitches in a minute which means you can finish projects relatively quick.

The mechanism of this sewing machine also helps making sewing more convenient to you. There is an automated threading mechanism to help you threading quicker. You get an LCD panel as well to control the stitch design of your choice. The LCD screen also shows you the kind of foot to use in order to get that desired result. If you do not know the code number for your chosen stitch design, you can look at it on the machines body. There is a vertical spool pin in this sewing machine as well. This feature ensures that feeding is consistent, particularly for stitch designs that are tricky.

Best sewing machine for crafting

Singer Stylist 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

If you are aiming to take your sewing skill to professional level, Singer Stylist 7258 might be the perfect sewing machine choice to help you achieving that goal. This computerized machine is programmed to include 100 stitch designs as well as six buttonhole modes. The stitch designs are not just the basic and stretch ones. In fact, most of the designs are for decorative purposes. The buttonhole designs are also very varied. Utilizing this sewing machine, you will be able to tackle any sewing project in your mind. Dresses, formal male suits, and even decorated table clothes will be a breeze to work on with this sewing machine.

Setting up your machine is made easy thanks to the machine’s LED screen and setup buttons. You can easily choose the number code for stitch design that you would like to use. Although each design has its setup length and width, those characteristics can be adjusted really easily to match your needs better. There are other interesting features too. It is equipped with needle threading mechanism because you cannot deny that threading is menial task that can be too hard beyond believe. The work surface is lit with LED light that stays on for very long time. It makes you notice error faster, even in dim area.

Best sewing machine for beginners with manual needle threading

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

As a beginner who wants to advance your skill and sewing, you may need the help of Janome 2212. This affordable sewing machine is simple enough to work with easily but can still show you a great performance with equally great result. The small sewing machine has 12 built in stitch designs that you can choose from. You can also make buttonholes with this sewing machine since it has one style programmed into its system. The maximum length of stitches that it can achieve is 4 mm, while for the width: 5 mm. The length can be adjusted as you wish utilizing a simple turning dial.

The compact design and ease of use are the greatest features that it is offering to seamstress. Its free arm design makes sewing more ergonomic since you do not need to deal with unnecessary space too much. There are dials to adjust stitch length and designs that can be utilized easily. Once you have decided on a stitch design, you only need to press on a level to make sure that you are locking your choice. If you are working in dimly lit area, this machine is still lighting your work to make it easier for you to see. The bobbin winder with push and pull mechanism also makes sewing easier.

Best sewing machine for beginners

Brother XM2701 Lightweight Full-Featured Sewing Machine

The performance that Brother XM2701 is able to show you is hard to be compared with other products in the market. It is a compact sewing machine, but you will definitely get what you are paying for and even some more. The sewing machine has 27 different stitches programmed into its system. Some of the stitches are for decorative purposes. It is capable of making up to 800 stitches in one minute. This machine also has some programmed buttonhole designs that will enable you making buttonholes in no time at all. You can definitely tackle variety of sewing projects with this Brother sewing machine.

Although it is not equipped with LED screen, the interface is still user-friendly. If you want to sew with certain stitch mode, you only need to turn the dial to setup the stitch number that you want. There is a diagram that explains each stitch number on the sewing machine as well. Those who like to use sewing feet are granted six sewing feet options that can be shifted quickly to one another. This machine also has a feature that resists jam by making sure that your bobbin stays intact at one spot. It is a sewing machine that can be used by beginner and experts.

Best rated less expensive sewing machine

KPCB Mini Sewing Machine

Do not let the small size of KPCB Mini fools you into thinking that it cannot perform your daily sewing tasks. In fact, this compact size sewing machine is capable of doing all your works wonderfully. The machine is able to handle variety of fabrics, such as: cotton, polyester, linen, and even thinner canvas. There are four kinds of needle that can be used with this machine. When you purchase this machine, you get sizable extension work table as your work surface. It allows you to work with large fabrics. The machine also has cuff slot to help sewing pants and sleeves more comfortably.

You get two speed options when utilizing this machine. There is an automated bobbing rewinding feature that the machine offers. That makes setting the bobbin much easier. This machine can be operated with electricity or battery. The battery option enables you to bring it outdoor. If you do not want to use electric or battery power, you can use the foot pedal. Another great quality about this sewing machine is that it is made of environmentally friendly material. It enables you to use it without having to be charged with electricity. The materials are also obtained from the sources that are friendly in environmental sense.

Best rated sewing machine

Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

If you want a nice compact sewing machine that has varied features, Brother CS6000i is a no-brainer choice. Although it does not look like much, this simple looking machine will singlehandedly defeat other machines in the market. It does not only work like your standard sewing machine. This unit is able to deal with quilting as well. It can do quilting because the unit is equipped with large size working table. You will have plenty of space to move around the large quilting fabric. The database is filled with various stitching designs that will make any seamstress’ head reels with ideas.

In addition to standard stitches, you can find several decorative stitching designs within this machine. There are also programs for buttonhole styles. Another great thing that you can do with the machine is adjusting its speed. This function comes handy when you need to deal with delicate fabrics or complicated design. The sewing machine sounds like a complicated tool, but it is pretty simple to operate. There is a small LED screen that allows you to setup stitches and buttonhole designs of your choice. Threading is also made easy since the machine has automated threading mechanism. The work surface is also lit to make you work easier.


The six sewing machines that are mentioned in this passage are definitely among the best sewing machines that are currently available in the market. They are simple enough to be used by amateur seamstress but can still deliver high quality results. Your finished project will not look like it is finished at home using a moderate size sewing machine. It will look like a professional made sewn work. If you are ready to advance your skills in sewing as well as expanding your portfolio, the six sewing machines are definitely the great ways to start. They can fit in a house nicely and can be moved around.

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