The Best Laser Levels Review

Construction is a complicated job that requires heavy precision. If you miss the measurement even just the slightest, the building will not be able to come together. In the worst cases, it will deteriorate at faster rate than it should be. This situation can be hazardous for people who occupy that building. Various tools are used to ensure precision during construction process, one of them is laser level. It projects leveled line that you need to build strong and straight structure. The tool is able to project vertical and horizontal lines. Here are the best laser levels that will be a valuable addition to your tool box.

PLS180 Red Cross Laser Level

PLS180 Red Cross is a line laser level tool that can be used for any construction purposes. This tool is ergonomically designed to be use easily in any construction sites. It has the rugged, square-shaped design with rough handle. It can be gripped effortlessly and won’t easily slip on the hands. Some of the best features of this laser line level tool are including the self-leveling feature and the rapid leveling. You do not have to anything, but placing the tool on designated area. It is going to perform automatic leveling and it can do it fast and accurately.

The tool is also coming with several additional tools to support its performance, including some magnetic wall brackets. The brackets are used for easy and stable mounting of the leveling tool. It is very accurate to perform leveling to 3 mm at 10 meters. The PLS tool is also easy to maintain because it needs only 3 AA batteries to work. The batteries can be replaced at anytime needed. When you purchase the tool for the first time, the battery is already included. Besides batteries, it also uses corded-electric as its power source. PLS180 Red Cross is definitely one of the best tools to purchase for constructing purpose.

Tacklife SC-L01 Laser Level

Although mostly designed to handle standard home remodeling projects, Tacklife SC-L01 is capable of giving you performance found in professional laser level. This tool can projects laser beam in cross lines, horizontal lines, and vertical lines. It utilizes Class II laser beam that ensures brightness. It is recommended to use this tool indoor. When indoor, you are recommended to use it in low light condition to ensure the best visibility. Self-leveling and manual modes are available depending on builder’s needs. The self-leveling works as long as this laser level is set up with maximum tilt of 4º. Meanwhile, the manual mode works to create angled lines.

The ultimate accuracy level that it provides is 1/8 inch within 30 feet range. This device has visibility range up to 50 feet without detector and 115 feet with one. It can be operated when the room’s temperature ranges between 14ºF to 122ºF. This device is certified as waterproof and dustproof. In addition to that, its rubber cover protects it from shock that may damage its internal parts. User is recommended to turn of the device when it is not being used in order to protect its parts from deteriorating quickly. Two AA batteries are required to run this laser level. The batteries give Tacklife SC-L01 12 hours running time.

Firecore Self-Leveling Laser Level

Builder who wants to do construction work more efficiently should use Firecore Self-Leveling laser level to help with their tasks. This tool projects laser beam in vertical, horizontal, cross, and double independent styles. It is run in self-leveling and manual mode. Self-leveling mode is used when you require even lines. In this mode, the unit will automatically adjust its beam projector to be leveled as long as it is not over 4º away from straight position. Meanwhile, the manual mode is utilized when builder needs line reference at certain angle. It is especially important when you are building guard rails and staircase.

The accuracy that this device can provide is 1/8 inch within 30 feet range. In normal working condition or with standard lighting, the visibility range of its laser beam can reach 45 feet. If it is installed in bright condition, the range will get farther. Another great feature of this laser level is its ability to handle tough environment. It is able to work properly in wet and dusty environments (which construction sites most likely are). The device can also handle great shock. It can fall within a meter range and will be left unscathed. The Firecore Self-Leveling unit is also equipped with magnetic bracket.

Hammerhead Compact Laser Level

The Hammerhead Compact laser level is a tool that any professional builder will need to ensure that every structure they build is sound down to the angle. This tool is projecting class II laser light in horizontal, vertical, and cross styles. There are two modes in operating this device. The first mode is self-leveling. This mode allows the unit to provide leveled line even with 4º deviation in its position. When the unit is not positioned evenly, an LED light will automatically turn on to provide that information. The second mode is manual one. It is used to create angled line for certain types of structures.

This laser level is capable of giving you accuracy of 1/4 inch within 30 feet span. Due to the bright light it projects, you will be able to utilize it in glossy surface such as tiles and windows without problem. The device is armed with multipurpose clamp that enables builder to attach it to any solid structure for steady unit placement. It is also able to be installed in 1/4 inch tripod thread steadily. Despite its functionalities, the laser level comes in compact size. You will be able to carry it everywhere. Builder needs two AA batteries to run the Hammerhead Compact.

Alston Tool Company Laser Level

Although it is designed for professionals, the Alston Tool Company laser level is definitely user friendly. User is given a switch and a button to operate through its various modes. Builder gets the option for conventional laser light type such as horizontal, vertical, and plumb dot. You can also switch to manual mode to create angled line with a degree of your own setup. Angled line is important in building angled structures like staircase. There is also a swivel mount mode that allows you to project laser to the other side of room to ensure that every structure is leveled.

The precision that this compact size tool is able to provide is definitely one of the highest in the market. It can provide accuracy up to 1/8 inch with visibility range up to 50 feet. The farthest that it can reach is 175 feet. The tool is equipped with strong magnetic bracket that enables builder to attach it to metal surface so that it will not shift easily. Despite its small and compact body, this laser level is designed to be sturdy enough to handle tough condition a construction site. It is resistant to dust and water. It requires four AA batteries to run.

Makita SK104Z Laser Level

Although it looks like a regular laser level, Makita SK104Z has plenty of things to offer to builders out there. This device can project horizontal, vertical, back and front cross lines. The lines are utilized as references throughout the building stages to ensure that you will get the most solid structure. It is equipped with a self-leveling mode to ensure that you will still get the level lines even when the tool is shifted on even surface. The self-calibrating process only takes about three seconds which is great since you do not need to waste time waiting for it to calibrate.

The self-leveling mode also works when you place the device on uneven surface. It is capable to provide correction up to 4º. The visibility range of laser light this tool projects can reach 50 feet. This tool is equipped with magnetic mount to enable you installing it on a metal surface so that the tool will have steady foundation. The mount is also designed to stick well on wooden surface. Its entire body is covered with rubber material to help cushioning big shock such as when the tool accidentally falls down or gets jolted during transportation. It is run by three AA batteries.

Bosch GLL 55 Laser Level

The Bosch GLL 55 is another great laser level for professional workers distributed in the market nowadays. Like any other professional leveler, it is capable of projecting any type of laser light starting from basic horizontal and vertical one to two separate or dependent lines. A nice feature that increases this tool’s performance is VisiMax technology. This particular technology allows GLL 55 to project light with visibility range up to 50 feet in a standard condition. The highest accuracy level that it can achieve is 1/8 inch up to 33 feet range. The tool can be run in self-leveling mode to ensure that you get straight lines even when it is moved.

Builder can also utilize the manual mode that this tool is equipped with. It can create line at any angle that you wish. This system is further supported by a magnet bracket in its body. The magnet enables builder to attach the laser level to any metal based structure in secured manner. When you are turning off this device, the pendulum will be locked in its position so you will not have to worry about it moving around and get damaged. This laser level is designed to have high mobility with its lightweight and sturdy hard case. It is also able to endure tough condition where dust and water can damage it.

Huepar Self-Leveling 360 Laser Level

Builder who is looking for high performing laser level should consider adding Huepar Self-Leveling 360 in their tool box. This tool is designed for professional construction workers. It is capable of projecting cross lines, vertical, horizontal, and two separate lines. In order to run the tool, builder only needs to press its power button to get to the laser type that needs to be used. There are two modes available for users, manual and self-leveling. In manual mode, you will be able to setup this tool at any angle to project un-leveled lines. Meanwhile, the self-leveling mode, the tool will recalibrate itself when moved to produce straight and even lines.

This laser level offers very high accuracy, which is up to 1/9 inch within the range of 33 feet. The farthest that the light can be visible to the eyes is 130 feet. The tool projects blue-green light that is reported to be brighter than the conventional red one. You will be able to utilize it indoor and outdoor with any light setting. The laser level is protected by rubber in order to protect it from shock. Because of that, you can carry it through difficult road and be assured that its internal parts will remain intact. It is also designed to resist water and debris. The leveler runs on AA battery.

Bosch GLL 2-50 Laser Level

Bosch GLL 2-50 is a versatile level that will be able to cater your need for a leveled guideline during construction work. This tool is able to project laser light in different modes. You can use it to project horizontal line up to 130º wide. The vertical light it projects can be up to 160º. There are also cross line and two separate lights modes if you are ever in need for them. The visibility range for its laser lights reaches the span of 65 feet. This visibility can be extended up to an impressive range of 165 feet in bright condition. The accuracy level is up to 1/4 inch.

The laser level is also equipped with technology that allows it to calibrate itself in order to project more even light. This technology is capable of detecting when the structure is not leveled too. Builder will not have a hard time to set up the tool because it has a positioning device called BM3. You can easily setup the leveler on the ceiling or if you need it to be free standing, there is a special leg equipped in the package. This tool is also designed to be highly durable with its capability to resist dust and water. It runs on an accessible AA battery.

DEWALT DW088LG Laser Level

Having a laser level with high visibility like DEWALT DW088LG is going to make a builder’s job easier. This laser level has green colored laser (in addition to the more conventional red one) that has range of visibility up to 100 feet. The green laser is proven to have better visibility than red laser in various kinds of environment, outdoor and indoor. Buyers have reported that the brighter light has helped them conducting their jobs. Of course, in certain condition the red laser is also required by builders. The visibility range of its red light is not too shabby either, which is about 50 feet.

In addition to having highly visible light even in ambient illumination, this laser level also has other desirable features. It is equipped with a strong magnetic bracket. You will be able to attach the tool on a steady metal structure to ensure that the laser projected is as precise as possible. The tool is also made to handle extreme environment, especially since construction sites always have debris and moisture that may damage the laser level. It also has locking pendulum to keep the inner parts of this laser level secured from damage caused by foreign objects. This particular product is run by rechargeable Li-ion battery.


Not every laser level works well in terms of giving you the most accurate leveled lines. Some of them might miss the calculation, although only in miniscule measurement. Nonetheless, builders will want to achieve the highest accuracy that they can possibly get. That will eliminate the risk of building structure that is not straight or leveled enough to hold its own integrity. The result will be a structure that can last for generations. The best laser levels that have been elaborated above should be able to help you achieving that. They are also equipped with interesting supportive features that will help builders doing construction jobs easier.

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