Best Camping Cots Reviews

When doing an overnight outdoor activity like camping, people tend to neglect certain aspects of daily life. This includes one of the most important out of them: sleeping. Oftentimes during camping, the quality of camper’s sleep will be compromised. Indeed, you cannot bring your full size bed when camping. A solution to that is a sleeping cot. It is considerably lighter and more versatile than your bed. Since not all cots are good quality, we compile a list of the best camping cots. Each cot in this list has its own highlight features that may be able to cater to your specific needs.

Coleman ComfortSmart Review – Best Folding Camping Cots

If you are looking for a great folding cot, you should consider Coleman ComfortSmart. This particular cot is designed to be highly portable. When the camping site requires you to travel through difficult field, this cot is certainly perfect to be brought along. Its total weight is only 14 pounds when unfolded. Despite its light weight, you should not worry about the cot’s durability. The frame is made of high quality steel material that can last for a really long time. Due to its strong frame, this cot can handle a considerable amount of weight. It can support weight up to 275 pounds.

The capability of supporting great weight means this cot can accommodate an adult (and perhaps a child). It is designed to fit people with height up to 5 feet and 7 inches. If you are taller than that, you may not be able to lie down with proper support. Can you sleep comfortably on this cot? You absolutely can. It is equipped with coil suspension system that tone down the springiness. Camper also gets to sleep on a thick foam mattress which feels immensely better than standard camping cot polyester mattress. With Coleman ComfortSmart, you can sleep outdoor as comfortably as indoor.

Magshion Portable Military Review – Best Folding Camping Cots

For camping cot that looks more like military issued one, just choose Magshion Portable Military cot. As the name shows, this cot is designed so that it can be folded easily and quickly. If you are the type of person who does not like to fuss about folding and unfolding a camping makeshift bed, you are going to love this cot. You can easily carry this cot around too. With each purchase, you will get a storage bag to help you carrying it conveniently. The fact that it only weighs about 10 pounds is also great too.

The material for its frame is steel that is highly durable. Its frame design, particularly in the legs, is made to create minimum damage to the floor where you unfold the cot on. In addition to that, due to the strong frame this cot can handle weight up to 300 pounds. The bed material is made of Oxford fabric. This means that the bed is water resistant. It is a quality that you should be looking for when doing outdoor activity like camping. When unfolded, this cot is able to accommodate a person with maximum height of 6 feet. Anyone can sleep soundly on Magshion Portable Military cot.

Coleman 80 x 32-Inches Review – The Best Packable Camping Cots

A multipurpose sleeping cot that can be quickly packed away when you need it to: Coleman 80 x 32-inches. The features of this particular sleeping cot are breakthrough innovations that you can hardly find in other products. This cot can easily be adjusted to fit several functions. Its main usage is definitely for sleeping. You can sleep comfortably on this cot. However, you can also just sit and recline your body on this cot with few adjustments. When purchasing this cot, you will get a removable side table. The removable table provides an extra space for you to store your items

The frame of this pack away cot is made of high grade steel. It is going to stay within your family for years to come. This cot is capable of supporting weight up to 300 pounds. When unfolded, it can accommodate even a very tall person. The length of this cot when unfolded is about 80 inches which is around 6 feet and six inches. Buyer will be getting a bag to store this cot when unfolded. The bag is designed ergonomically, so you will not feel like you are hauling a 20 pounds cot when carrying this bag. It is indeed Coleman 80 x 32-inches charm.

Mountain Trails Base Review – The Best Packable Camping Cots

Mountain Trails Base is another answer for a portable camping cot that can be easily stored away. It weighs about 9 pounds. You can easily carry it around with you even if you have to travel long distance on unfriendly field. In addition to that, buyer is going to receive a carry bag with the package. When folded, this cot can fit inside the bag nicely. This bag is designed so that you will be able to carry it without too much trouble. It does not take much effort to assemble this cot so it will be ready to use either.

The cot is designed to fit an adult comfortably. A great feature of its design is its narrowness and shortness. This means that it can fit limited space quite conveniently. The frame of this cot is made of strong steel material that has been powder coated in order to ensure its durability. The cot is able to handle weight up to 225 pounds. Reviews stated that it is a comfortable cot to be slept on. The bed part is taut tightly, so your body will not sag down when lying on it. For a light weight cot, the comfort of Mountain Trails Base is above standard.

KingCamp Strong Stable Review – The Best Packable Camping Cots

If you think that packable cot does not equal strength, KingCamp Strong Stable is going to prove you wrong. It can be folded and unfolded easily in the matter of seconds. Each purchase is going to be equipped with a carrier bag that will fit snuggly to protect your cot from collisions that may happen. Another great thing is: it only weighs 15.6 pounds. You do not need to spend an ample amount of energy just to carry it from one point to another. Despite the compact size, this cot is strong enough to support heavy weight up to 265 pounds.

The strength is due to its strong material. Its triangle bottom also provides sturdy support. Due to its frame design, this cot is slightly elevated on the head side. This provides comfort since most people like having their heads in higher position compared to their bodies. You do not need to bring additional pillow. Your body is also supported by two layers of high quality Oxford fabric. In addition to provide nice cushion to your body, this material is also very durable. KingCamp Strong Stable is also equipped with a side pocket to serve as a storage space for your belongings.

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed Review – The Best Camping Cots for Kids

It is not strange to be hesitant about bringing a child along for camping, but Regalo My Cot is definitely going to change your feeling. First of all, this cot is not a complicated gadget to use. You can fold then unfold it in no time at all without having to use specific tools. It can be stored easily when you are travelling. The cot is also very light weight. Despite its compactness, parents do not need to worry about its sturdiness. The frame is made of durable steel material. Meanwhile, the cover is made of comfortable canvas that is very strong.

All in all, this cot is capable of handling weight up to 75 pounds. It makes the cot perfect for children around 2 to 5 years old. The little one will be able to sleep on this bed replacement very comfortably. On the cover, you can see that a sleeping bag is fitted with a small pillow. Parents will also love the fact that it is easy to maintain too. The canvas cover and sleeping bag parts are washable. It does not matter whether you are utilizing this cot for your child’s indoor or outdoor activities. Regalo My Cot is indeed a nice alternative to a regular kid bed.

Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk Review – The Best Camping Cots for Kids

If you are looking for simple camping-style bunk bed, Disc-O-Bed Youth is providing a great solution. This portable bed is very easy to assemble. There is no need to use additional tools in order to modify the bed. The process of assembling this multipurpose bed does not even take too long. You only need several minutes to do that. The main use of this gadget is as bed. When built into a bunk bed, it can accommodate two little persons comfortably. In addition to being a comfortable sleeping spot, it can be repurposed as other makeshift furniture items as well.

You can rearrange this useful outdoor gadget as two separate beds if you do not want the little ones having to climb up to the top bunk. User also has the option to redesign the bed as a comfortable chair that is able to accommodate two children. Since it is made of high quality polyester, the tool is very easy to clean and can repel water as well. It is capable of handling weight up to 200 pounds. This comes in an easy to carry bag that weighs only 18 pounds. It means that you can bring you Disc-O-Bed Youth anywhere you go.

Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Review – The Best Oversize Camping Cots

Outdoor activity needs a place to rest, and Teton Sports XXL is the right product for that purpose. It is portable sleeping cot with strong frame, comfortable bed, folding features, and XXL size. While camping, sleeping is necessary to rest your body. Unfortunately, sleeping bag seems not to be your style due to uncomfortable configuration. This is where you need sleeping cot that’s enough to move around without limited space. It is designed in curve model with holder for the head and back while you resting. The frame is strong to hold adults, even two people. Besides outdoor, it is also reliable for temporary shelter. If you have more guests and slumber party, this sleeping cot will be the right place for everyone.

This stuff is also reliable for long vacation. The product is easy to set and adjust quickly. When you need to move into new place, just fold and separate few parts. Put the cot into bag and strap it to strengthen the position. Moreover, the storage bag is a part of purchasing package. You will get this one with capacity that’s enough to keep sleeping cot. The size has several options, but more than queen size bed. Base on official information, this product is capable to hold up to 600 lbs. Another good thing is there is no tool to adjust the Teton Sports XXL.

Byer of Maine Easy Review – The Best Oversize Camping Cots

Camping is enjoyable activity, and Byer of Maine Easy is the right choice for sleeping set. Parents often feel uneasy when letting their kids to go camping. Normally, sleeping will be on the ground, and people rely on sleeping bag. Unfortunately, it brings high risk for children less than 12 years. As solution, bunk bed is necessary, and this product comes in the right place. In general, it is single bed with foldable frame that can be adjusted for any sleeping condition. Kids can bring it anywhere easily, and parents do not have much worry. Furthermore, the bed is capable enough for teens and adults as the size is quite big. If you do not have enough room for guests, put this bed as solution.

The frame is steel that’s capable to hold weight up to 330 lbs. Well surely, it is enough for adults. The material for bed is high-grade polyester with reinforced fabric. It is strong and durable for outdoor sleeping. When using this product, you will fold and unfold regularly. That’s not issue as the steel and material is capable to withstand excess foldable process. The product is available with bag and strap at shoulder section. Kids can fold and put it inside the bag then carrying through their shoulder. Those are the features and specs on Byer of Maine Easy.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik Review – The Best Oversize Camping Cots

If you need a camping cot that is able to handle someone with big stature, Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik cot is your definite answer. When stretched out, this cot is going to provide you 81 by 28 inches surface to lie down. That is a perfect size for you to sleep comfortably and fully supported by the high quality cover material. The frame of this cot is also made of durable steel. Its V-shaped legs are designed so that it can properly support big amount of weight. This cot is capable of staying upright even when handling a weight up to 300 pounds.

Despite its strong structure, the cot is still very travel-friendly. It can be folded down to 7 x 7 x 39 inches rectangle. You will get a carrier bag that helps you transporting this cool gadget from one place to another. Another good thing is that the bag only weighs about 15 pounds. Even if you have to go somewhere far, the weight does not become a burden to you. This cot is also equipped with a side storage space. This compartment can be used to keep books or other small items close to you during bedtime. Without doubt, Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik is a great choice for great people.

Kamp-Rite Oversize Review – The Best Camping Cot Tent

This Kamp-Rite Oversize tent and cot combo is going to ensure that you will be getting the best sleep possible while staying outdoor. It is a nice gear to have when you do not want to carry both tent and cot during a rigorous outing. Utilizing this cot, you will be able to sleep comfortably above the ground level. It means you will be protected from snake or insects during your most vulnerable time. Unlike regular cot, you can set up the dome to protect you from outdoor weather such as rain and harsh sun. The sleeping surface is also big enough for someone with big body.

The dome is made of high grade nylon material which repels water. Even in downpour, you can rest assure that you will not get wet inside the tent. Meanwhile, its frame is from aluminum steel that has been powder coated. The legs provide solid foundation to setup the tent. It is able to handle weight up to hundreds pounds. The versatility of this tent cot combo is also very admirable. In addition to being and tented cot, you can convert it as regular cot without dome and comfortable lounge chair. Another fun thing: Kamp-Rite Oversize tent-cot combo also easy to modify.

Disc-O-Bed Large Review – The Best Bunk Camping Cot for Adults

If you find it hard to accommodate two adults in outdoor trip, you have not known Disc-O-Bed Large. Although it does not look like much when folded, this cot is going to look majestic when you have assembled it. The bunk-style camping cot is sturdy enough to handle two adults at once. It is capable of tolerating weight for about 500 pounds per cot. The steel frame of this gear is responsible for that strength since it is made of high quality material. Meanwhile, the sleeping surface is made of thick polyester that is not going to budge under heavy weight.

People also love that this cot is highly multifunctional. While you can arrange it as a comfortable makeshift bunk bed, the gear can be modified as two separate cots if you have enough floor space. With a little tweaking, you can repurpose the cot as a comfortable seating space. Another nice feature about this gear is that each cot has its own side compartment. You can keep your items within that storage safely. Despite various functions, this cot can be kept only in two canvas bags. The bags can fit nicely in your car’s trunk. Disc-O-Bed Large is definitely a valuable investment for your family.


Having several options for a nice camping cot to purchase is very nice. You will be able to consider the features that each cot offers and match them with your needs and preference. Indeed, each cot has its own strength and weakness (even the best one!). Nonetheless, knowing the best camping cots in current market is really important. These cots have been tested by many people that you will be able to gain accurate information about them. Compared to many other products in the market, cots that are mentioned on the list come on top.

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