Best Air Mattress Reviews

Let’s begin our best air mattress review by mentioning the value of air mattresses nowadays. In a world where time and place is very important, air mattresses are slowly but definitely gaining our attention as a product that can provide a fast, economical, and practical solution for bedding, and not only outside the house as a part of camping appliances, but also inside the house as a part of everyday use. Let’s move on to the next part of our best air mattress reviews.

Top 6 Best Air Mattress

AeroBed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed for Kids

Specifically designed for kids, AeroBed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed for Kids appears as a comfy small bed that any kids would fall in love with. Featuring a durable PVC material which is then sewn and welded using advanced technology, this bed can last airbed can last up to 4 years with no apparent air leaks being ever noticed. We’re quite happy with the investment which is not really cheap, though. Anyway, there is something we don’t really like with it.

What’s hot:

  • Highly durable airbed
  • Fully functional pump
  • Bulging edge to keep your kids stay on the bed
  • A nice extra bonus in the form of thick pad

What’s not:

  • Plastic makes noises as your kid roll over it

The only shortcoming with the PVC material being used in AeroBed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed for Kids is that it feels so plastic-like. As your kid moves here and there and rolls over it while he is asleep, his movement can produce quite notable noises.

We’d expected that the airbed is finished with a suede top so that it can be more comfortable for our child and the noise can be suppressed. Anyway, we found that covering the unit with a fitting sheet can solve the problem and best of all, the box also includes a couple of very nice twin sheets.


The secret behind the long lasting construction is the PVC material. Unlike other typical products that utilize cheap PVC, the one used to build this airbed is the high-duty PVC that can remain strong under particular pressure. Moreover, the overall contour of the bed is not simply flat across the whole surface.
There is this surrounding that bulges upward as high as 4-inch to keep your kid stay on his bed. Since using this AeroBed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed for Kids, we have never seen our little loved one end up in the floor each morning.

All the inflating and deflating task is handled by an integrated pump that works just wonderfully. The pump is an AC electronic device , so you don’t need any more to get an adapter. Simply plug it in and touch the button to start inflating the mattress.

In our experience, it inflates not more than 2 minutes but the deflation runs far more quickly than that. Last but not least, you will very likely appreciate the thick and comfy pad that comes with AeroBed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed for Kids. It is designed to address the kids’ head size. Don’t be surprised if your kid becomes a sound sleeper in all of a sudden.


For a small mattress, the $80 investment does look a bit too much but as soon as you know the quality, you will not regret a thing for buying it. also, the noises it makes may be an issue but the twin sheets included in the box should solve it for you. All in all, we love this AeroBed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed for Kids and would certainly recommend it to all of you looking for special kid mattress.

Coleman Queen Air Mattress

In a glance, Coleman Queen Air Mattress seems perfect to be the replacement for the usual spring mat you usually bring when camping.

Featuring single chamber construction, the portability of this air mattress will hardly bother you. On the other hand, the 48-coil coil system along with soft suede top should be able to engage you in a sound sleep overnight in the wild without risking having an annoying backache in the morning.

The price is also far lot cheaper as compared to some larger airbed. Nevertheless, there is this concern dealing with its durability. You’re going to find it out in more details throughout this Coleman Queen Air Mattress review.

What’s hot:

  • Perfect for camping
  • Comfortable
  • Queen sized mattress

What’s not:

  • Vary fragile construction, air leaks noticed within a couple of months
  • Battery for pump not included

We don’t know about others who rate this air mattress so highly but if you ask us, Coleman Queen Air Mattress does not last for long time, especially if you use it constantly. Despite its queen size, we found that it couldn’t even hold one single adult with some fair weights.

After a number of uses, we found that it deflated way too fast. You will probably have to wake up in the middle of the night to pump it up all over again. So, definitely it leaked.

Another thing that we don’t like about Coleman Queen Air Matress is that the pump doesn’t come with any single battery. The idea to exclude the pump from the mattress inner construction is nice as it makes it easier for us to fold it and stow it back in its bag but no battery? Seriously!

We had to buy some new batteries for the pump. What a nuisance given that most airbeds in the market today only require a quick plug-in on the wall.


Despite all of its shortcomings, we did experience some good moment with this air mattress. If you like camping, you will find it very helpful. Sure, it takes a whole lot more space but by bringing this airbed into the wild, you can get at least a fairly more comfortable sleep as compared to using common sleeping mat. The upper side of Coleman Queen Air Mattress is topped with nice suede, so you don’t sleep on plastic.

Moreover, it’s got this 48-coil coil system that can be a good extra comfort. If only it could be a little bit more durable. Last but not least, it’s a queen size mattress, so you can use it for two persons. However, you’d better not do that unless you’re a very slim type of a person.


This mattress is all right if you plan to use it occasionally and if you’re not type of a big person. Seriously, it may be a queen size airbed but believe us it won’t stand the weights of two normal people. If you insist, you may end up making some annoying leaks on it. Furthermore, what it takes to get it ready is just too troublesome. With all that being said, we don’t feel like recommending Coleman Queen Air Mattress to you.

Intex Pillow Rest Twin Airbed

The Intex Pillow Rest Twin Airbed is actually the smaller version of the Downy Queen airbed from the same manufacturer. Except the size, everything still remains relatively the same, meaning it’s still got the high quality as well as affordable price to be proud of. The handy built-in pump is retained too.

In fact, with its smaller size, you can get the bed filled to the max in just three minutes. However, we kind of feel that the firmness level is somehow different.

What’s hot:

  • Built-in motor for quick and easy inflation
  • High rise construction with built-in pillows
  • Very much affordable

What’s not:

  • It feels kind of mushy

As we received Intex Pillow Rest Twin Airbed, we decided to unwrap it quickly and give it a short test. We filled the whole unit simply by plugging the cord and set it to the maximum firmness. Surprisingly, we felt that it was kind of mushier as opposed to the larger version.

We’d expected to see the same good firmness but it turned out to be a disappointment. Still, it’s not up to the point where we strongly loathe it as we still managed to sleep comfortably on this airbed.


Similar to the Intex’s larger Downy Queen airbed, the inflation and deflation control still counts on the built-in motor within the bed. Not only is it handy but also it’s quite powerful.

We can fill this airbed to the highest level of firmness in about three minutes or less. Not to say that we can also adjust the firmness level with the touch of a button too.

The downside, however, is that it’s a bit noisy. Still, we believe this won’t be too much of a serious issue for you. Overall, we love the built-in pump supplied in Intex Pillow Rest Twin Airbed.

The remarkably solid construction of the Intex’s Downy Queen airbed is not put into use in this model. In exchange, it adopts the high rise construction which is similar to some other airbeds.

While it may not be as durable as the dual chambers construction, it should be still the same as comfortable as it still keeps you about 17.5-inch from the floor.

There is also this bulging part in one end of this airbed. You can use it as pillows for even more comfortable sleeps.

Oh, anyway, the fact that Intex Pillow Rest Twin Airbed feels a tad mushier can also be a benefit for you. It just feels like sleeping on a water bed, in our opinion. Other good things about this airbed are its affordable price and waterproof flocked top. It’s also perfect for taller people as the length is measured by 80-inch.


Some of you may dislike that it cannot reach the desired firmness as even on the highest level, it still feels somehow soft. However, by taking the ease of use and other good things of this airbed into account, you will likely be able to forgive that flaw. Besides, it’s not really bad at all as you can sleep as though you’re lying on a water bed. All in all, we recommend Intex Pillow Rest Twin Airbed for all its benefits.

Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed

The affordable price Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed has to offer is indeed very interesting, particularly in this difficult time. However, you know when you’re buying an air bed, there’s more to it than just about the cost.

You will have to make sure that the construction is durable even after some while. Furthermore, the deflating and inflating mechanism should work flawlessly.

Last but not least, air leaks are the most common issues in any airbeds regardless the brands, so make sure you pick up the one that doesn’t release air so easily. We’re going to see if the affordable Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed has such qualifications.

What’s hot:

  • Dual chamber construction
  • Built-in electric pump for easy inflation
  • Waterproof flocked top

What’s not:

  • Short warranty
  • Quite sensitive an air bed

We hardly had any issues with our Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed. However, we did find a number of customers who reported that their airbed was blown up despite being used just recently.

We suspect that this is because of an overfilling. Just because it provides a pretty easy inflation and deflation mechanism, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay a good attention when you’re inflating it.
Never overfill the airbed with air. Anyway, the only thing that we dislike about it is that it comes with rather short warranty.


The dual chamber construction that comes with this airbed is not only sturdy and reliably durable but also it is the one that is responsible for the bed’s comfort and nice firmness.

The lower chamber is functioned as some sort of spring box that holds your weights without burdening the whole construction. This is the secret of its impressive durability. On top of that, the dual chamber construction of Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed will put users to be 22-inch off the floor. Such height is ideal for the desired comfort while sleeping.

Inflating this airbed just can’t be easier. With the built-in pumps, all you need is to connect it to a power plug and turn it on. Do NOT leave it away while pumping is on the progress. You’ll risk getting your airbed blown up and when that happens, you’d better not blame the Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed for being of low quality. Furthermore, the pump is encased, meaning, there won’t be too much air leaks coming out of it.

However, you do need to re-inflate it occasionally because due to the ever changing humidity and temperature, the bed can potentially lose its firmness. Last but not least, the flocking is water resistant. So, it’s very easy to clean whenever you have accidental spills on it.

Our Final Verdict

The airbed is indeed a bit too sensitive in the nature that even just a little overfilling can lead to a blowup. But that does not mean that it’s a bad product. All you need is more attention when the pumping is on. With all of those being said, we highly recommend Intex Raised Downy Queen Airbed for those who want to make a little saving.

Serta EZ Queen Air Mattress

In the premium airbed market, there is this Serta EZ Queen Air Mattress that comes with NeverFlat integrated pump. The main function of this pump is to maintain the desired firmness of the mattress while you’re asleep.

In general, it is one thing that makes it ahead of the competitors. There is also this feature that provides a chance for us to personally adjust the firmness level. This is a very handy feature as not all people like to sleep on a hard and stiff mattress.

The pricey cost probably keeps you even from reading its description. But don’t let it happen because Serta EZ Queen Air Mattress has the quality to impress you.

What’s hot:

  • Automatically deploy as you plug it on the wall
  • Sturdy frame that keeps you off the floor
  • NeverFlat AC internal pump
  • Options to adjust the firmness

What’s not:

  • Extremely expensive

You probably think that the manufacturer is out of their mind for selling this Serta EZ Queen Air Mattress for more than $200. Honestly, we did think the same thing. The incredibly huge price tag of this air mattress is simply not logical.

However, as we decided to see what it’s capable of, we were quite impressed with it. All of the features are designed to keep owners from all the hassles for preparing it.

Anyway, we used to be hesitant too before making the purchase as we read some review telling that it leaked around the area where the frame is attached. We don’t know about it but the unit that we receive seems pretty fine, even with constant usage every night.


The construction of this air mattress in itself is like the materialization of what we always refer as great technology. You know what, it can get itself ready on its own without our hand making some significant effort.

We simply unzip it then connect the cord to a power plug. That’s it, the mattress is all set up. Honestly, when we first saw Serta EZ Queen Air Mattress with all the weird sticks that they call as the frame, we thought that it’s going to be a bit of trouble to deploy it.

But as we watch the demonstration of the whole mechanism, we couldn’t say anything other than impressive. Anyway, the frame is also nice too as it keeps you a bit higher from the floor, think of it as extra comfort.
The internal pump that comes with Serta EZ Queen Air Mattress is the manufacturer’s patented AC NeverFlat pump. Not only does it inflate the bed but also it will maintain its firmness. The pump actually consists of two different parts.

The first one is used to inflate the whole thing while the other will constantly monitor the air pressure inside the bed. Whenever it notices a decrease, it will automatically pump in air. Such a smart technology, isn’t it? Anyway, the pump can also perform the reversed function, meaning it can also be used to suck out the air.


Serta EZ Queen Air Mattress looks like nonsense to you due to the expensive price. But that’s the cost you will have to afford if you want to enjoy the smart technology implemented in every aspect of this thing.

The self-deploying construction, the preset firmness selection, NeverFlat pump, and awesomely comfortable air mattress; all of them are not something you can get with small dollar. In short, we strongly recommend Serta EZ Queen Air Mattress for those who need style, comfy, and hassle-free airbed.

Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress

The Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress is another good solution if you’re looking for an affordable airbed. With normal retail price being at $139.99, this model will not likely break your bank, especially when you know that huge discount is always available for online purchases. Anyway, aside of its decent price, this bed’s also got some stuff to boast.

A powerful built-in pump that’s able to inflate the whole thing in less than 2 minutes is just one of its features. Still, if you’re asking about its flaw, we did find something unpleasant about it.

What’s hot:

  • Large queen airbed with height being exactly similar to common mattress
  • Insta-III AC built-in pump
  • One-year warranty

What’s not:

  • Bothering deflating method

While it’s a good thing to point out that Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress takes no time for the unit to get fully inflated, we didn’t have much of the same experience when it comes to deflating it.

The integrated Insta-III pump functions as a means to suck out the air too. It does sound really nice, as it seems that everything will be done automatically but when you really come down to it, that’s not necessarily the real thing.

As the pump begins pulling out the air, the material around the area where the pump is installed collapses, blocking the air way. You will have to make sure that this is not happening by keeping it from collapsing in order for the procedure to be done.

And yes, that is not a very nice experience. However, we’ve been informed lately that the newer units come with an additional valve on one side through which you can either pump in air or pull it out manually.


The manufacturer’s own Insta-III AC pump is built into the bed’s construction, making it a snap to inflate. In fact, you hardly need 2 minutes to get it fully developed.

Now, you may have heard about it leaking the air but that’s not necessarily true. Things that worth noting here is that people always associate normal deflation of an airbed with air leaks. If you notice that the
Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress starts getting soft, try to re-inflate it. Normally, an airbed which is in a good condition needs re-inflating at least once a week.

By the way, this airbed is a high raised model, meaning there is quite a distance (22-inch) between you and the floor while you’re asleep. This is an important key to a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Moreover, it’s so large that it can accommodate 2 adult people. With one-year warranty, you shouldn’t have many things to worry before buying Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress. It’s a good product after all; otherwise, the manufacturer won’t offer such a warranty.


The automatic deflating function that cannot run flawlessly is quite bothering for sure. However, the customer service has told us that there is a side valve that you can use to manually sucking out the air. Besides, when we talk about a comfortable airbed, this one has everything it needs to be more than qualified. So, we highly recommend Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Air Mattress to all of you looking for a comfy airbed that can come in handy anytime.

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